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Am I being vain

“Am I being vain”?

It seems I am constantly asked this question when speaking with men and women who are contemplating medical facial rejuvenation and body shaping. Many are also struggling with feelings of guilt for spending money on their appearance. I reply that one’s appearance is a great asset and one of the most important to us. Why not want to look your best? And by the way, who wants to look older with each passing year? Often it is how we look that shapes our perceptions of our age. It is a truism that how we look has a great deal to do with how much confidence we exude and how positive our outlook can be.

Sadly our Australian work culture does not embrace ageing and I have countless clients who are affected by this and simply want to slow down the ageing process and look younger. Simply incredible results can be achieved by simple facial and body therapies than yield rapid results with lasting effects.

Here in future columns I will walk you through the simple and skillful procedures I perform in my clinic, most of which take only a few moments to produce fantastic results. The stress of our fast-paced lives and our own genetics are often etched in our faces over time and yet we can reduce or eliminate these with minimal effort and cost. I have helped many people, including men, take years off their appearance by making these lines and facial irregularities go away. The result is a refreshed and more youthful appearance and it is a result you can see almost immediately.

What a satisfying job I have to be able to turn back time for my many clients who are truly amazed with the results.

More will follow in future columns on just how I can achieve this for you. It is possible to literally take “10 years off in 10 days”!

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