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Australasian Medical Aesthetics Congress (AMAC)

Australasian Medical Aesthetics Congress (AMAC)

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend AMAC 2015, a Cosmetic Injectable conference exclusive to 300 delegates across Australia New Zealand.

Australasian Medical Aesthetics Congress (AMAC) is held by Allergan, a company that is committed to furthering medical aesthetic education in Australia.

We were treated to inspiring training by some of the best Cosmetic Physicians in the world. Dr Arthur Swift, also known as the “Face Whisperer” a well-respected Canadian plastic surgeon, discussed the differences between male and female treatments. His in depth knowledge about anatomy and correct injection techniques were not only informative but his dry sense of humour kept us all entertained.His pearl of wisdoms were “If you bruise them, you’ll lose them. If you cause pain, you won’t retain. Make them look weird, you’ll be feared!!”

I do agree with him, however there are times that we truly cannot avoid bruises…

Dr Raj Acquila a UK plastic surgeon who is reaching “rock star” status amongst the injecting community also presented at AMAC. He is very well respected by the industry for not only his smooth British accent presentations but his incredible knowledge about Total Face assessment and treatment planning. He has created a simple 6 injection point lip rejuvenation that is effective to rejuvenate lips with minimal product.

So what did I learn from this Congress

I have to say that the main theme was total facial assessment and treatment planning. This is not new to me and is something I do with all my Clients at Rejuven8 and have done so for many years.

There were emphasis on areas that are often overlooked, such as the forehead and chin. As we age the forehead and temple bone structure resorbs. The skin drapes as the bone support has shrunk. This leads to eyebrows drooping and deepening lines.

Interestingly the chin also is affected as we age. The mentalis muscle pulls up and also the chin bone shrinks. This leads to a less defined and receding chin.

All these imbalances can be reflated…opposed to inflate….in the hands of an experienced well trained injector your youthful face shape can be restored, and rejuvenated naturally.

A treatment plan can not only educate the client of their specific needs and treatments but also assist them to budget. The reality is, that we may need quite a few syringes to achieve the desired results.

Planning and prioritising your treatments together over a period of time can not only be achievable but also create a slow metamorphosis to a fresher more youthful beauty without dramatic changes.

Many of my clients do not want others to know they have had treatments. This way its affordable and socially acceptable.

Dr Swift explained “As aestheticians, we are merchants of beauty and purveyors of the youthful form”.

After attending this conference I realised Rejuven8 has been doing it right all along!!!

We do assist our clients to

  • Look and feel well about themselves.
  • Aspire to give them natural elegant results
  • Give them safe and effective results.
  • Ensure comfort and tolerable pain management.
  • Offer quality products that are cost effective and lasting .
  • Restore confidence

An experienced injector NEVER stops learning.

That’s why I think it is important to attend conferences such as AMAC to stay up to date with this forever evolving field.

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