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Lead me to the Barre

Lead me to the Barre

Rejuven8 Body Studio are now holding Barre classes!

What is Barre?

Barre is a fast paced cardio and strength workout combining different exercises from ballet, yoga and pilates. The workout also incorporates some core work, “seat” (aka booty) tightening moves, a touch of choreography and stretching. In addition to using your own body weight, light hand weights, resistance bands and small sports balls are also used. The workout increases health and flexibility as well as toning and strengthening. It is also excellent to clear the mind!

What makes our barre classes different?

How many of you feel in over your head in a fast paced class? Feeling like you can’t keep up? Or have experienced an injury?

Instead of throwing you in at the deep end we will ‘lead you to the Barre’. This is achieved by starting off with basic beginner classes, teaching you the correct movements and postures at a slower pace. Making sure that you have the correct foundations before you move into a Barre class.

By ensuring that your posture and moves are correct at a slower pace it will help eliminate injuries and you will get the most benefit from your workout. We will slowly increase the level of intensity to push you more and more each class.

With small intimate classes of only 4, you will get the individual attention that you require.

We are confident that you will gain the most benefit from our beginner class right through to our fast paced, intense Barre class.

Call us today to book your first class! Rejuven8 Body Studio 47324006

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