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Botox for depression

Botox for depression

A study, titled treatment of depression involved 10 people who fit the criteria for clinical depression. Their frowning muscles were treated with Botox. Two months after treatment, nine of 10 patients no longer scored as clinically depressed.

So how can a medication that affects only the muscles of the face have an impact on mood? Actors report that imitating the facial expressions of negative emotions can cause them to feel that emotion. And this is not such a new discovery. Charles Darwin wrote: “the free expression, by outward signs, of an emotion intensifies it. On the other hand repression, as far as this is possible, of all outward signs softens our emotions.” In this ‘facial feedback hypothesis’ there is a backward link between the expressions we make and the mood we feel. Ask a depressed person to make happy expressions and their mood lifts a little. So with Botox, if you prevent the face from frowning you can lift the spirits. And it works unexpectedly well. .

The fact that you look more relaxed and less stressed also causes the people around you to approach you in a more positive way. This too can make you feel happier. .

I have had client’s botox their frown because their work colleagues continually ask them if they are angry when they are not. .

Teachers have also remarked that they look more relaxed when they Botox their frown. .

Botox can definitely lift your mood because your tricking your body into thinking it’s relaxed. People treat you in a more positive way and the refreshed reflection in the mirror definitely lifts the spirits. 02 4732 4009.

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