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Can Anything Go Wrong with Injectables?

As a perfectionist and a medical artist it is a very difficult moment to face when the outcome of the procedure isn’t as pleasing as expected by clinician or client.

Luckily and thankfully I have only experienced very few of those moments!

Emotionally, I cannot tolerate my work not pleasing people and endeavor to do my up most best, (product and anatomy permitting!)to achieve the desired results. However there is a very small % of clients that have been difficult to please, generally due to their unrealistic expectations. Can I give you Angelina Jolie lips with one ml of filler when you have a thin lip anatomy? No. You may need 3 mls and the shape and size of your lips may be very different .Large lips may not suit your features.

Recently I had a client who was expecting all her lines gone with just a small amount of fillers, and complained bitterly when told that if she wanted more lines filled she was required to purchase more filler. I’m an aesthetician not a magician. I can only do so much with what product is purchased.

Sometimes but rarely the unexpected can happen. Under the eye filler can track down and cause a tired baggy look. This can be corrected with an enzyme. Botox can over relax the under eye muscle when injected to correct dynamic lines. This too can cause a tired baggy look. Thank fully this corrects when the botox wears off. Eyelid droop can happen if the Botox tracks down to the eyelid muscle, but corrects itself over a few weeks.

Bruising is also a possibility and often becomes more evident the day after the procedure.

A good quality camouflage, arnica cream and tablets should be in your first aid kit when considering Injectables. Just in case!

Although these are temporary very rare side effects, when any of the above happens, it is very upsetting for client and the injector. Working together on a treatment plan of correction and allowing time to heal is the best way to deal with this delicate situation.

Avoiding complications is always at the forefront of my mind when injecting.

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