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Crow’s feet – take a walk

Crow’s feet – take a walk

When you smile, the skin around your eyes naturally crinkles. These lines that radiate from the outer corner of your eyes every time you smile may become more obvious over time. They may even be evident when you are not making any facial expressions. These lines are known as ‘crow’s feet’.

Crow’s feet are also caused by repeated muscle movement over time when you squint. Did you know there are broadly four types of crow’s feet: full fan, central, middle and lower. Full fan crow’s feet spread wide like fingers. ‘upper’ tend to angle up toward the outer brow, ‘central’ are the classic type we usually think of coming from the corner of the eyes and ‘lower crow’s feet spread down into the outer cheek.

You can prevent crow’s feet by protecting yourself from sun exposure by wearing wrap-around sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat as well as using good sunscreen. Of course less squinting also means fewer crow’s feet but there are also treatments available that you can discuss with one of our clinicians at Rejuven8.

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