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Dermal Filler FAQ

Dermal Filler FAQ

What do I want? How much do I need it? How long will it last? Will I look plastic?

They are most of the frequently asked questions.

All Dermal fillers are not the same. The difference between an injector and an experienced master injector is the ability to be able to choose the right products to achieve the desired results. After an initial consultation at Rejuven8 we recommend the appropriate filler and give the client a treatment plan, explaining what they need.

The amount of dermal filler is governed by the extent of the volume loss, the client expectation and what is required to achieve the desired result.

How long will it last?

Dermal fillers are manufactured differently and are designed for specific purposes. The more the Hyaloronic chain is cross linked the longer it will last, as it takes longer to break down.

Fast metabolisms break it down quicker. That is why gym goers/runners may need another product that is bio-stimulant and not a Hyaloronic acid filler. A product may be advertised for 12 months. However you need to consider that during this time you are continuing to age.

Stress/weight loss/ weight gain change the dynamics of your facial structure. This is why even though the product may last 12 months clients may need top ups 6 monthly to counteract their biological decline.

Will I look plastic?

In the hands of an experienced injector, dermal fillers enhance your features and not distort them. Many “overdone” people who have a blown up plastic look have had excessive fillers. At Rejuven8 we rejuvenate your face, not over treat it.

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