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Don't be seduced by a cheaper price

Don’t be seduced by a cheaper price

I was fortunate and honoured to be one of the 6 Top cosmetic injectors selected by Allergan to be trained by DR Mauricio Di Maio,a world renowned surgeon who specialises in Botox and filler treatments for the face. He gave a very informative full day session on the assessment and treatment of facial ageing at all ages. It was a fascinating exploration of the anatomy of the area. The review of the anatomy is something all injectors should do regularly. It is important to be very familiar with the muscles nerves arteries and veins of the face to enable us to deliver treatments almost painlessly and with minimal bruising.

His message was – pay attention to the veins and arteries to avoid injecting in the area. Know your anatomy to plan your treatment .

Analysis of facial muscles that are causing the problem gives us an objective way to plan out treatments for muscle relaxants.

Analysis of tissue loss in the face allows us to correctly replace lost bulk with fillers. Two things cause loss of bulk- one is the decrease in thickness of bone and fat pads with age, and the other is the loss of elasticity of skin due to decreased production of collagen and elastin as a result of genetics and sun damage. .

Another issue highlighted by Dr Di Maio is the increasing level of competition in this area of medicine. We have all seen the $9.90 /unit Botox ads. Selling Botox for $9.90m per unit is a sure way to go broke unless you have a huge turnover. What do you get with a huge turnover? Very Little time for assessment and treatment of the patient. .

When cost becomes the criterion for the selection of a person to treat your face then we are not far from poor results. I can relate to a purchaser seeking the lowest price on an item. However one person’s assessment of a face will never be the same as another’s’. Comparison is not realistic if based on price alone. If the only criterion is how much muscle relaxant or filler you get in your face for your dollar then a treatment is easy- simply pump x amount in and there is your result. Is it really that simple?

In my opinion the answer is a very loud “no… Aren’t we trying to make people look their best here?”

As long as cosmetic medical injections are priced solely on the amount of product pumped into the face then I think we are on the road to more hideous lips and weird looking faces. As long as cost dictates the choice of practitioner then beauty is going to take a back seat. .

There must be a price for assessment and treatment planning and, (dare I say it?) for skill. When you find a skill full practitioner, stay there, don’t be seduced by price.

Rejuven8 has a team of very experienced injectors .I continue to educate myself in the evolving aesthetic field and am proud that I was chosen to attend the Allergan”Master”Class by Dr Di Maio.

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