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Our top FAQ ‘frequently asked’ questions and answers

1. What type of laser do we use and why?

We use the Alexandrite Laser for Laser Hair Removal Melbourne because it’s better and faster for hair removal than IPL. Real lasers use only one colour of light specified to hair follicles. This is a medical laser specialised for hair removal only and is far more effective and safer than IPL treatments.

2. Why don’t we use IPL for hair removal?

The laser we use is specific for hair removal and gives better and faster results than IPL systems, resulting in a cheaper treatment overall. IPL is good for capillaries and surface pigment and we use this for IPL Photo-rejuvenation in Melbourne.

3. Why do we use the UK Muscle Relaxant and not the US one?

The UK brand has the same active ingredient as the USA one, it is just a different brand. We have found over many years that the UK brand works Faster, Lasts Longer and is Less Painful to inject. The UK brand has also been available for 30 years.

4. Is Dr. Spano a dermatologist?

No. A Dermatologist treats skin disease and Dr Spano is mostly concerned with the cosmetic improvement and appearance of your skin and hair. There is of course some overlap between dermatology and cosmetic medicine for example acne, scars, pigmentation and leg veins to name a few and we find having a cosmetic specialist in charge of your treatment from the beginning the fastest way to better skin.

Dr Spano is a leading Cosmetic Physician and Hair Transplant Surgeon with experience since 1996 in cosmetic medicine and anti-ageing. He is a member of the CPSA (Cosmetic Physician Society of Australia), a Fellow of the Faculty of Medicine of the ACCS (Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery) and a member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

5. What is the best filler?

This depends greatly on the area being treated. Dermal fillers are of different thickness for different areas. Most dermal fillers are clear gels made of a natural substance already present in your skin. The different types have various pros and cons and come in a wide variety so it’s not hard to match the correct one (or two) for you.

The gel binds water molecules when in your skin and holds it for up to 2 years, plumping and firming the area treated. Our Nurse/Doctor will help you decide which is best for your lips, folds or wrinkles.

6. Is numbing cream necessary?

Yes, (almost). It makes all aspects of the treatment better. We get less bruising and better results with you being far more comfortable during the few minutes of the treatment.

7. Do I massage the area after Muscle Relaxant / Filler?

Muscle Relaxant – No. Dermal Filler – If told to do so.

8. Can I have Microdermabrasion & Wrinkle Reduction Injectables done on the same day?

Yes you can. Have your Microdermabrasion first, then your injectable.

9. If I have filler in my lips how long will it take to settle?

12-36 hours. If you bruise you may need concealer but this is uncommon when tiny needles are used and an expert technique.

10. What treatment is best for dark shadows under eyes?

Dermal filling and/or RevLite Laser or IPL and/or fading cream, often in combination. If the dark circles are present in conjunction with a groove or “trough” under the eyes (where your tears would run should you cry, the so-called “tear troughs”) then dermal fillers work very well if injected correctly.

People assume injections under the eyes hurt more but it’s the opposite of that! The skin is very thin in this area and with the strong numbing cream it is hard to feel anything at all and very safe.

If the overlying skin is darkened we prescribe a laboratory-made prescription strength fade cream to help. You probably have found the fade creams available over the counter do not work. PRP Plasma can also help with this annoying problem and IPL is sometimes helpful.

11. Do I have to see the doctor for a repeat script for fading cream?

Yes you do. All scripts only last 12 months and the ingredients are prescription-strength and a Doctor must see you to prescribe it.

12. Why do I have to come in for a script? Why can’t the Doctor write me one and I will come and pick it up?

Scripts legally last 12 months then the doctor must see the patient again to repeat the prescription if necessary.

13. What treatment can I have for scarring?

For raised scars, Dr Spano can use anti-inflammatory injections to flatten them out and this works quite well and quite quickly. Flat scars that are unsightly are treated with the Revlite laser or Fraxel laser to blend them into the surrounding skin.

Acne scars are treated with dermal fillers for an instant result then Fraxel to provide further improvement if desired. Sometimes the largest acne scars are the easiest to treat and people are often shocked by how quickly and easily this is done.

There are a few special techniques for difficult scars like chicken pox scars, like subcision which is an old “lifting” technique performed under local anaesthetic by the Doctor. Dark scars are faded by several means and often a combination of therapies is used in the correct way to get the best possible result.

14. Can I wear makeup after IPL/Fraxel/RevLite?

IPL – Yes the same day. FRAXEL – Not until the next day.

15. Can I exercise after Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Reduction treatments?

It is best not to exercise until the day after Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxant injections. Dermal Fillers will swell more and become painful if you exercise on the day and the muscle relaxant can spread to unwanted areas if you exercise on the day.

16. If someone is or trying to get pregnant, how long before do they have to stop having injectables including Lipodissolve?

We recommend that you stop having all injectable treatments when trying to fall pregnant, during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

17. How much does Muscle Relaxant cost per unit? How much per area?

We try and use as little product per person not only to keep the cost down but to keep you looking natural. The biggest fear people have is looking fake or overdone. Some people say they would never have treatment because of this fear because they have seen someone who looks fake. A good rule is that if the person treating you looks fake then they will probably make you look the same. Skinovate prides itself on using small doses to soften your look so that others won’t know you have been treated at all.

18. Which treatments can be claimed through medicare?

Only some treatments with Dr Spano such as Sclerotherapy MAY get a Medicare rebate. Not for pure cosmetic treatments. Consults for Acne or severe pigmentation may be rebatable.

19. How long does Filler/Muscle Relaxant last?

Dermal fillers last 10-18 months or some can be longer depending on the filler used. Relaxant 4-6 months but sometimes a little shorter around the eyes. The products wear off slowly and people return for more treatment at different times.

Usually people come back for treatment when they are getting ready for special occasions or travel rather than keeping to a strict timetable. Birthdays, holidays and weddings are most popular.

20. How does Fraxel work?

Fraxel works by forcing your skin to renew itself in tiny little pixelated heat columns which go into the skin. Your body has to respond by healing these tiny columns with brand new skin.

The new skin has freshly made collagen and elastin and is clean and clear. Because it is perfomed in a pixelated way or “fractional” way meaning only a certain % of the area is treated in one session e.g. 30%, a few treatments are needed to cover an area.

21. I have pigmentation, what can I do to get rid of it?

Custom-made high-tech laboratory creams prescribed by our Doctor and used in a very specific way designed for your skin type is the first line of therapy, usually with good results in our hands.

The Revlite laser is an amazing way to reduce pigment with no pain and no downtime over as little as two sessions.

Fraxel Laser, Chemical peels and IPL can be used in conjunction to enhance the effects depending on your time and budget.

People are often frustrated by their pigmentation and the lack of response they get with over the counter creams or beauty treatments. Pigmentation requires a cosmetic medical approach of a very specific and experienced nature to make a difference, however most people are happy just with our very special and unique lab cream protocol.

22. Why do I have to fill in a consent form every time I come in?

This is one of the steps involved in the process of informed consent to ensure you understand the risks and possible side-effects of some of the treatments. We update the forms if new information comes our way so it is best to read one each time.

23. I came in for a hair laser and I have had a reaction, my skin is very red, blotchy and irritated, what can I do? Am I burnt?

Laser reactions can and do occur and are types of superficial skin burns and if treated correctly will resolve quickly and without long term effects. We advise people to come straight into the clinic for review so that a trained laser therapist can assess your skin and start treatment. It is important that someone with laser experience sees you ASAP to minimise side effects. If you cannot attend until the next day or are away, use the anti-inflammatory cream that we provide all clients (or sigmacort 3 times a day from the chemist until you get in touch).

Coming to an established medical clinic with experience since 1996 allows you the confidence that if you get a skin reaction to a laser then its effects will be minimised.

24. Why should I come to Skinovate?

  • We have been operating successfully since 1996.
  • Run by leading Australian Cosmetic Physician Medical Doctor in Australia.
  • Very experienced staff, some of the most experienced in Australia.
  • If side effects occur we are expert in their management and minimisation.
  • We are safe and reliable with unmatched experience.


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