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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to look plastic?

Absolutely not. Unfortunately there is a style of injecting that makes women look doll like. These young women are requesting that “Barbie’ look and go to great expense and copious volumes of filler to achieve this look. They enjoy the attention of looking that way. Porn actresses also favour this rubbery doll look for obvious reasons.

Am I going to look frozen like the movie stars?

Americans use double, if not triple the volume of Wrinkle Injections compared to Australian smaller doses resulting in a more natural look.

When I attended a workshop by Canadian doctors , I was astounded at the high doses they used compared to Australian doses. This is why many Americans do have that frozen look.

Are my lips going to end up looking like duck lips?

This is where choosing the right injector is very important. Most injectors are trained by the pharmaceutical company that provides the filler.

They are shown a technique of filling the border of the lips to try and plump out “smokers lines”. In theory it does work but it results in this unnatural duck look. I call it a “Cookie cutting ” technique, as its just addressing the problem in the same way for all individuals without considering the outcome.

An experienced injector not only knows how to individualise the injecting pattern they also are very aware of giving a natural looking lip enhancement by filling the body of the lip first. Just doing the vermillion border creates a defined border which protrudes resulting in a ducky look.

Can you inject without causing bruises?

Chances of Bruising can be minimised by the injector having thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the face, so as to avoid veins and arteries. When a blood vessel is pierced by the needle it will bleed into the tissue causing a bruise. Arnica pills/tablets taken one week prior can help reduce the chance of bruises and dissipate bruises quickly. Abstaining from using aspirin, ibufren. If on blood thinners, your chances of bruising will be higher. So be prepared with a great camouflage makeup and the usual excuses!

The car door hit me!

A ball hit me!

I was gardening and a branch hit me!

Is this going to hurt?

Depending on the injecting style of the injector.(Whether they are stabbers or slow gliders) The needle is very fine and can be relatively pain free if the injector injects very slowly. Ice can be put on prior or topical anaesthesia to numb it to make it more comfortable.

Can you rejuven8 me without anyone knowing?

Yes, with a treatment plan we can slowly step by step do each treatment. The rejuvenation transformation can be gradual. People may comment that you are looking well, ask if you have had a holiday? Wow your skin looks great ? etc

Again, I have to stress that it’s also the experience of the injector that will give you the natural look.

There are also treatments to improve the texture and complexion of your skin, so talk to a our clinicians at Rejuven8. 02 4732 4009.

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