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Forehead and Temples

Forehead and Temples

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Forehead lines are caused by the habitual muscle action of the frontalis (large muscle in forehead that raises the eyebrows). As we age we lose elasticity in the skin which then causes lines to form horizontally across the forehead and vertically between the eyebrows.

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax these muscles and prevent the actions that cause these lines. Eventually as the skin is then relaxed, it is able to rebuild collagen and improve static lines which remain even when you are not making an expression. In some cases dermal filler may be used to fill deep lines that remain after time, however in most cases the lines will improve with the regular use of Anti-wrinkle injections.

Another sign of aging of the forehead is the hollowing of the temple area, creating a peanut shape, which is caused by the natural process of bone re-absorption. The temples are deep bone covered with muscle, fat and skin. When the bone re-absorbs the fat (volume) in this area is also lost. The skin covering the temples loses its support and can cause your eyebrow to droop, lines above the sides of the eyebrows and a deeper frown.

By using dermal fillers in the temple area we are able to lift brows, assist with mid face lift and restore a more youthful and attractive shape to the forehead.

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