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Forehead lines

Forehead lines. Is a fringe the answer?

When we raise our eyebrows, naturally we all have fine horizontal lines that occur across our forehead. These forehead lines are usually only noticeable during facial expression, e.g. when you are surprised. However, over time these forehead lines can become more prominent due to repeated muscle action. They may also become ‘static’, which means you can see then even when your face is relaxed.

People have different types of forehead lines. You mostly see ‘blinds’, or multiple horizontal lines that stretch across the forehead. These can be seen when you raise your brows, as the skin bunches together and creates horizontal creases. The number of lines will vary from person to person, with some people only having a ‘single’ line and others having ‘radiating’ lines that extend out from the brow line.

You can help prevent forehead lines by protecting your skin from sun exposure by wearing a wide brimmed hat and using sunscreen. There are however treatment options available that decrease the appearance of forehead lines, so discuss the possibilities with your clinician.

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