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Frown lines

Frown lines. Don’t get angry, get even!

Have you noticed vertical lines appearing between someone’s eyebrows when they frown or concentrate? These frown lines are usually only noticeable during facial expressions. However, over time repeated movement of the ‘glabellar muscle complex’ may cause these lines to become ‘static’ (visible even when the face is at rest).

When you frown, the facial muscles pull or contract inwards and downwards, causing the skin between the brows to be pulled into a frown. Repeated contraction of the muscles over time can cause permanent disruption to the layers of the skin that sit above. These ‘static’ frown lines can make people look angry, tired or stressed – even when they are not feeling that way.

Did you realise that people have different patterns of frown lines? They may have an ‘eleven’ (two vertical lines between the eyebrows) or a ‘one’ (single lines). There are also scrunched, boxed and horizontal patterns.

You can help prevent frown lines by also protecting your skin from sun exposure by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and using sunscreen. There are however treatment options available that decrease the appearance of frown lines, so discuss what’s possible with one of our clinicians at rejuven8.

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