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How can I become 10 years younger

How can I become 10 years younger?

It is possible to take years of your face with simple injections and non invasive treatments. However, I do recommend consulting and planning a treatment plan with your doctor and cosmetic nurse, well before 10 days, as bruising can take up to 2 weeks to dissipate.

To reduce stress and age etched into your forehead, lines caused by constant frowning can be relaxed with Botox. This should be the first cosmetic treatment to consider.

Sundamaged, hyper pigmented, lax skin can be treated with a medium depth medical peel to freshen and tighten skin texture. Massotherapy, light and radiofrequency treatments can also help to restore skin.

Interestingly most people will complain about a certain problem area, but often it is related to another area that also needs treatment. For example the heavy fold that runs between your nose and mouth area called naso labial folds, is usually because the cheek has dropped and needs to be lifted by filling the cheekbone area. This is called a non-surgical mid face lift. Varying fillers can be considered. In my experience Radiesse a calcium filler is ideal. Thin faces can also have cheek volume restored with thick fillers such as Sub Q or Voluma.

As we age, fat and bone atrophy under our eyes causing a dark hollow tired look.Hyaloronic fillers such as Restylane can fill the tear trough and orbital rim.

One of the areas that really ages a woman’s face is thinning tight lips with surrounding lines. A sagging muscle that is attached to the sides of the mouth pulls the mouth down causing a sad mouth frown. Botox to the depressor angular Oris muscle can lift the sides of the mouth. Hyaloronic fillers such as Restylane or Juverderm can restore lip volume and the vermillion border which stops lipstick bleeding. Lines around the mouth and face can also be filled with fillers.

Having all ageing areas treated with simple fillers can make it really is possible to look 10 years younger!!!!!!

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