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How does our face age

How does our face age?

Your skin is a complex organ that is supported by different layers that provide structure (bone), movement (muscle), volume (deep layers of the dermis), texture and complexion (epidermis).

Externally, skin pigmentation and texture can be affected by sun damage. As we look deeper, another change with age is loss of volume. When we are young we have smooth contours, and our cheeks and upper face are full of volume. However, with age this can shift, and a loss of volume can make the skin thinner and the effects of gravity more obvious.

There are also changes to the facial muscles that decrease in strength and tone, reducing the support they provide to the soft tissues above them.

Repeated action of the facial muscles means that dynamic wrinkles (formed during facial expressions) can form static wrinkles (wrinkles and folds that are present at rest).

At the core of our facial structure is bone, forming the ‘foundation’ over which the other layers sit. As we age, the foundation becomes less prominent which can affect the look of fullness and balance of our features.

Talk to our clinician at Rejuven8 about the facial changes that occur over time and the treatment options available to rejuvenate the different layers of your face.

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