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Is Lipsuction Painful

Is Lipsuction Painful?

Often I am asked whether liposculpture procedures are painful..

Many clients have been frightened by TV Show images of actor/doctor wildly stabbing away with a large plastic tube with fat and blood flying everywhere. This depiction is purely for dramatics!

Performed in a day hospital theatre, liposculpture can actually be a pain free and relaxing experience! As a veteran myself of liposculpture procedures I can explain firsthand how it really feels.

You are given anti anxiety medication to relax you and a Pethidine injection to ensure there is no break through pain. After the doctor has marked the area a tiny needle injection of Xylocaine is given at the entry site. The area which will be sculptured, is infused with a saline solution mixed with anaesthetic for pain relief and Adrenaline to reduce the burning during the vacuuming.

The feeling you get is a dull pulling, but no pain.

The next day after the procedure, the post surgery feeling is very much like the muscle burning pain after a big work out. If you keep active and moving, all swelling and discomfort improves within 2 weeks.
Any bruising will dissipate and it usually takes 6 weeks for all the swelling to subside to get your final result.

There is no pain and a lot to gain!

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