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Jawlines. Talking about my generation.

Jawlines. Talking about my generation.

Have you ever noticed the difference in facial shapes between people from different generations? The youthful face has a fine, defined jawline with smooth contours. Fast-forward a few decades and the same person’s facial shape and contours have changed. You may have noticed in the youthful face, the majority of the facial volume is concentrated in the upper face, primarily the cheeks. In older generations, the bulk of facial volume sits in the lower face and jawline and results in the formation of the jowls.

Losing definition in the chin and jawline is common and a natural facial change. It is a result of the gradual loss of facial volume. In addition, the loss of support from weakening facial ligaments causes the descent of soft tissue, which causes the chin and jawline to look less defined. Talk our clinician about how the signs of facial ageing over the generations can be treated. Call from Rejuven8 for a free consultation.

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