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Lips. A defining feature of the face.

Lips. A defining feature of the face.

If you have used lipstick or gloss before, you probably understand the impact your lips can make on your overall look. This is because the lips are a key focal point when communicating.

Our lip shape and volume is delivered by the presence of naturally occurring complex sugars and elastin in the skin. However, over time the level of these substances decreases. The outer layer of the lips can become thinner and the Cupid’s bow (the v-shaped area of the upper lip) begins flattening out, causing the lips to become elongated and lose their youthfulness. We may also notice the appearance and deepening of vertical lip lines around the border of the mouth. These lines are commonly known as ‘smokers lines’ and develop over a number of years through the repeated pursing of lips, such as when you smoke or suck on a straw.

When you are young, your skin easily ‘springs’ back to its rest position. However, as time goes on your skin may become less supple and lines may start becoming evident, even when you are not pursing your mouth. If they become deeper, you may notice your lipstick bleeding up into them.

The cosmetic companies know the attraction and focal point of the face that lips are, and lipstick only highlights them, it can’t restore or rejuvenate them. Discuss the treatment options available that can help restore volume and definition to your lips with our clinicians at Rejuven8.

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