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The lips are particularly vulnerable as we age because the outer layer becomes progressively thinner. Over time the corners of the mouth can begin to droop (mouth frown), the v-shaped area of the upper lip known as the cupid’s bow begins to flatten out and lips lose their youthful fullness.

Smoking especially plays a large role in the aged appearance of lips. Smoking can make lips look cracked and dehydrated. Smokers lines and lose of lip definition not only ages the mouth but the face as a whole.

At Rejuven8 we aim to achieve very NATURAL looking lips. Enhancing the lip area with dermal fillers can include: adding body, defining the cupids bow, strengthening lip borders, filling vertical lip lines and lifting mouth frown. Additionally the marionette areas (larger smile lines) may also need to be addressed.

Clients who are seeking more balance, symmetry and luscious lip volume can have lip enhancement to suit their needs.

We correct Duck lips!

We have seen may clients who have been elsewhere and unhappy with the result of there over done lip enhancements. At Rejuven8 we have a hyaluronic dissolving enzyme which we can reduce those embarrassing over enhanced lips by removing the excessive dermal filler.

Our highly skilled Doctors and Registered Nurses are able to create beautiful, natural looking lips and endeavour to make each individual client very happy with their results.

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