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Regenerative Medical Needling

Medical Needling

Medical Skin Needling also referred to as Collagen induction ( CIT ) and micro needling is aimed at stimulating the body’s own collagen production to reduce the appearance

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Surgical and acne scarring
  • Pigmentation
  • Minimizing pore size
  • Rejuvenate, lift and tighten skin

The treatment introduces a series of fine, sharp needles into the skin. This damage encourages the body to produce new collagen and elastin which generate new cells to repair itself, the skin becomes thicker, plumper and more youthful.

This procedure can be carried out anywhere on the body, such as stretch marks on thighs and abdomen, and generally on all skin types. Skin preparation with vitamin A and C is recommended for up to 4 weeks prior to treatments. It can take between 4-8 weeks before visible signs of skin regeneration can be seen and the process will continue over the following months, providing a gradual enhancement. A single treatment can produce noticeable results, however a programme of 2-5 treatments spaced 1-3 months apart is often recommended to achieve optimum results, in conjunction with an at-home regime.


Why choose DermaPen – Advanced Skin Needling

DermaPen’s advanced vertical skin needling technology uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automatic vibrating function. When moved across the skin’s surface it stimulates natural collagen reproduction, whilst allowing fine channels to be created in the skin. The channels can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients, allowing for treatment delivery deep into the skin’s fibroblasts to feed the underlying cells found in the dermis and basal layer. This increased absorption of active ingredients into the skin creates stimulated repair and faster resurfacing results.

Advanced vertical skin needling promotes scar-less healing and the deposition of normal woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments but without the side effects and downtime. It’s also more effective than most microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Unlike traditional skin needling rollers, the DermaPen causes less trauma and has minimal epidermal (skin) damage, therefore reducing pain and discomfort, and making it a safer more effective treatment. The disposable needles eliminate risk of cross-contamination, whilst the adjustable needle depths allow for a treatment tailored to your individual needs. The DermaPen is so advanced, that it is even suitable and safe to use in delicate and hard to reach areas such as around the eyes and lips and on the nose.


Q – How many treatments are recommended for rejuvenation, acne scarring and stretch marks?

A –

 Rejuvenation:                        4-6 treatments                        4 weeks apart
 Acne Scarring:                       6 treatments                          6 weeks apart
 Stretch Marks:                       <>10 treatments                       4-6 weeks apart

Q – Should I prepare my skin before having a DermaPen treatment?

A – for optimal results, we recommend a period of effective active treatment creams such as Vitamin A, C or Resveratrol & Procyanidin to allow the skin’s strength to build up (especially for thin or delicate skin areas). Continue to use these recommended solutions after the treatments for a period of 6 weeks.

Q – How long should it take before I see results?

A – Typically, you will see results after the first treatment. Lasting and more significant results will occur after 4 to 6 treatments (spaced 4-6 weeks apart). Your skin will continue to improve over the next 6-12 months after a course of treatments and when combined with the recommended post treatment care.

Q – Is treatment painful?

A – for minimum needle depths, DermaPen treatments are painless. Treatments over 0.5mm deep, a topical anaesthesia cream is applied for 15-40 minutes before treatment and will render the treatments completely pain-free.

Q – Is there any downtime after treatments?

A – Generally no, but you may experience facial redness for 12-48 hours after the treatment. Most people are able to return to normal daily activities immediately after the treatment. Application of Lycogel, a breathable camouflage will seal the skin and cover any redness for an immediate return to work.

Q – How soon after dermal filler injections can I have a DermaPen treatment?

A – It’s recommended to leave at least 4 days after dermal filler injections so that any post treatment bruising from the dermal fillers can settle. Or have your DermaPen treatment 1-2 days before having dermal fillers injected.


STEP 1 – Advanced Resurfacing

Your clinician will apply a suitable topical treatment to compliment your advanced skin needling. Between treatments continue using this recommended treatment solution (refer to the product information for application instructions).

STEP 2 – Hydrate and Strengthen

For best results, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the harsh encironment to make it healthy and strong. We recommend a night and day treatment cream from Beaute Pacifique’s range of cosmeceutical products. They’re proven to improve skin density up to 80% when used daily over a period of 90 days, therefore ideal for ongoing use during your DermaPen treatments. If you’ll be exposed to the sun always wear appropriate sun protection.

STEP 3 – Cover, Recover and Protect for Beautiful Skin

It’s unlikely you’ll have any side effects after your treatment. However, if you do experience redness or sensitive skin we recommend you use a post procedure, breatheable makeup. Lycogel foundation and concealers are specifically formulated to cover and recover the skin after cosmetic procedures, helping you get back to our everyday activities without anyone suspecting you’ve even had a treatment. Plus with its camouflage coverage and water resistance, it’s the ideal face and body sun protection (equicalent to SPF30).

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