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Narelle Albanil

Can Anything Go Wrong with Injectable

What a fabulous job I have! It gave me great pleasure to see our first runner-up be delighted with her results.

Narelle came in extremely nervous and told us she was a little needle-phobic! After reassurance that we were going to anaesthetise her lips with a “dental” block, she relaxed, and was ready to enjoy the experience!

When I examined Narelle, and intervened her she told me that she was a singer and that she was looking forward to going to Las Vegas next month to sing there.

I felt that Narelle’s thinning lips and deep marionette lines (folds next to her mouth) prematurely aged her looks.

The focus will be on her lips as a singer, so I chose to rejuvenate them for her.

I used 1ml of Juvederm Ultra to border her lips. A fine line of filler on the vermillion border, stops lipstick “bleed”, and shapes the lips. I also restored her cupids bow. Further 1ml of Juvederm Ultra was used to restore the volume of her lips.

The marionette lines were filled with 2mls Juvederm Ultra Plus. This supported her lower lip and rejuvenated her appearance even more. When aging lips are restored it takes years off the face. The pictures confirm that!

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