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New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution

It’s New Year resolution time, yet again!! My clients at the clinic, have been commenting how fast this year has gone. I think life is like a toilet roll! It goes faster at the end! But the scary thing is, that even younger people are commenting how fast this year has gone. Maybe we are all doing far too much! Time speeds by. It’s time to say goodbye to the old year and hope and plan for the New Year and embrace 2010.

My New Year’s resolution is not the usual this year, of eat less-exercise more! Stress less- relax more! Spend less- save more! Proudly, I have already accomplished the common resolution of”Im going to give up smoking this “18 years ago. That was a tough one! Many years of failure before I finally did it!

This year I’m going to drink more!!! Water that is!

I commonly get asked “What is the best beauty product?”
My answer is water! How much would you pay for a product that helps clear your skin, moisturise your skin from the inside, brighten your eyes, help you lose weight, clean out toxins, regulate your bowels, and get rid of headaches?

Not bad for simple water. As a skin technician I see people who are in a constant state of dehydration, and wonder why they cant improve their skin with topical creams.Most people have lost the thirst mechanism and eat more instead,and worst still, when they are thirsty they drink tea or coffee,which are diuretics that dehydrates.

If you’re not a water drinker.Here’s your New Year Challenge! Take a schooner glass of water to bed with you every night, and drink it all in the morning before you get out of bed.Before that morning coffee or tea(diuretic). Do that for a week. You’ll find that your morning sluggish headaches will dissappear,(as we wake up dehydrated due to losing 10% fluid when we are sleeping.)You’ll empty your bladder and bowels regularly, and usually before leaving for work. You will look and feel better.

Its never too late to hydrate!

Nita McHugh RN
Aesthetic Nurse Specialist.

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