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Not All Dermal Fillers Are the Same

Not All Dermal Fillers Are the Same

As fashion, and make up trends change, so do cosmetic injectables trends. Procedures and techniques are always evolving and changing. That’s why it is imperative to find an injector that continues to train in the latest techniques and attends conferences to upgrade their skills continually. I have seen some clients that have had dated procedures due to the injector being stuck on old techniques. For example the overly filled lip border that makes a women look like a duck, or the thick overly filled top lip to try and smooth out smokers lines can make them look like Homer Simpson. An advance injector knows what filler to use where. Not all fillers are the same.

The art to being an excellent injector is being trained in all products and having a great array of tools and knowledge to do the job properly. All fillers are different in viscosity, longevity, according to the manufacturing process. Restylane hyaluronic acid gels are sieved into small, medium and larger molecules. Hence Restylane has small molecules, Perlane has medium and Sub Q has large molecules. The Juverderm range is manufactured differently. It has varying degrees of crosslinking the HA chains. Its a smoother product. The denser the crosslinking, the longer it will last, as it breaks down slower. Hence you have Juverderm Ultra, Ultra Plus, which both vary in crosslinking density.

Experienced injectors not only know how to inject artistically without distorting features, they know what products will give the best result for that area.There are 2 new fillers in the Juverderm range that are called Vobella and Volift.They are smoother again and are indicated for shallow injecting. The Vycross range, Vobella Volift and Voluma have shorter HA chains whereas the other range has longer HA chains. The difference in properties is like comparing a plate of penne, and spaghetti .The Vycross range is great for fine lines around the eyes, accordion lines around the mouth as they can be injected into the lines. One of my favourite dermal fillers and bio stimulant is Radiesse. Calcium particles are suspended in a cellulose gel. The particles stimulate collagen and final results are very natural.

If fillers are not lasting due to fast metabolism or engaging in frequent exercise, gymn workouts etc. It’s recommended to use poly lactic acid, known as Sculptra. It is long lasting and is very natural as it stimulates your own collagen.

Combination therapies is often required to achieve an overall rejuvenation. Combining Muscle relaxants, fillers, medical peels, light therapies and PRP all help to achieve rejuvenation.

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