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We offers a range of cosmetic treatments from anti-ageing injections, to laser hair and CoolSculpting treatments. We love what we do and have been providing quality cosmetic solutions for our clients for over 15 years.

We maintain these long-term relationships through fantastic customer service and by offering certified and experienced aesthetic clinicians who pride themselves in quality of services, spectacular results and impeccable care from your first assessment to post treatment.

We specialise in offering a full range of medical anti-ageing treatments, skin renewal procedures and other body related treatments which are all carried out by our specialist team with the latest in technological equipment. Total Face Group Penrith clinic is known for creative innovation and for providing high standards in cosmetic treatments. We love to be in the forefront of the industry, continuously pioneering new, innovative technology for safer, faster treatments that achieve outstanding results!

Most of all, Total Face Group Penrith dedicated and professional team care about our patients and place their health and interests as their primary concern. Each of our highly trained team are renowned leaders in their field of specialty, by both colleagues and patients. Through their academic achievements and work quality, we strive to always provide the best treatments possible through our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled team while operating our of a safe medical environment without compromising on cost, safety or quality.

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