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Rejuven8 Price List

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Rejuven8 has master and advanced injectors and our prices are fair for the level of time and treatment all clients receive.

Our Anti wrinkle injections range from $4.00 per unit to $15.00.

Both anti wrinkle products have different unit strengths so are not comparable.

Pricing is Depending on how many units you require as all faces are different, as are all muscles.

Dermal Fillers

Range per ml from $390 to $750.

A consultation with our Cosmetic Dr will ascertain which filler is the best for your requirements.As all fillers are not the same. Dermal fillers are priced according to volume needed.

Packages are available which gives the client considerable savings.

Weekly specials are advertised by text ,so if you’re not a client please call and put your name on our data base.

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