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Reveal analysis

Reveal analysis

The Reveal Imager analyzes the skin’s surface and underlying skin to further evaluate hyperpigmenation, sun damage, textural issues, wrinkles, rosacea, spider veins and more. The multi-spectral analysis helps to identify the key areas that affect your skin’s health and appearance. During your consultation with our dermal technician or healthcare professional they will analyze your skin beneath the surface, where complexion problems begin.

The Reveal Imager allows us to fully analyze your skin and to design a treatment plan and skin care regimen specifically for you. As your treatments progress, the Reveal Imager is used to help track the changes and improvements to your skin.

Upon completion of consultation you will leave our clinic with a customized report. Your report will include images of your skin as well as our treatment and skin care regimen recommendations.

Our recommendations are based on YOUR specific skin type and condition. We listen to YOUR concerns and recommend the services and products that will work best for YOUR lifestyle. We will develop a program that not only benefits you today but will help you maintain beautiful skin for life.

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