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Smile Lines Are Much Prettier Than Frown Lines

Smile Lines Are Much Prettier Than Frown Lines!

The Silly Season us upon once again! It seems like it was only a few months ago that we pulled the tree down and put away the decorations. Christmas time for me is a time of reflection. This year I am missing departed dear family members which rebalance my thinking as to what is really important in life. Life truly is too short. Many of us are so busy and hectically giving of our time that we fail to fill our own emotional jug.

This void leads to resentment and even depression. Sometimes this is simply caused by our putting ourselves last in an unbalanced way. We know we should give to others before ourselves but we may forget to give ourselves something good too once in a while.

Many women who come to my clinic who may be considering cosmetic procedures often express a measure of guilt for doing something simply for themselves. But the biggest gift to ourselves is to do what makes us happy. Smile lines are much prettier than frown lines! Of course we have a simple solution to relax those frown lines with Botox, and it takes just a few moments to accomplish.

If life’s stress is etched upon your face this season then give yourself the gift of a more youthful and relaxed look and don’t feel guilty about it. Fill your emotional jug back up with confidence and contentment!

From all of us at Rejuven8 we wish the best Christmas and New Years blessings and safe holidays.

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