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Smooth and Shapely

Smooth and Shapely

Liposculpture is a more refined procedure, requiring the use of smaller, thinner cannulae to achieve a smooth and contoured look. The aim in liposculpture is to produce a body contour that best fits the bony and muscular frame of the person.

Our doctors believe every patient should be encouraged to outline their goals at the initial consultations and assisted in finding out whether the surgeon can match the patient’s desired results.

One of the misconceptions about liposculpture procedures is that only small amounts of fat can be removed. There is general consensus that the maximum amount of fat safe to remove in a single procedure is about five to six percent of the total body weight. But it is simply how much fat you remove that is important. How much you leave behind is equally important, as some fat needs to remain for the surgeon to create a soft contour.

In Dr Lim’s 18 years of liposculpture experience, he says 90% of his patients retain their shape and size in the treated areas if they manage to maintain their body weight within two to three kilograms of their weight at the time of treatment.

Liposculpture is not a licence to eat badly and lead a poor lifestyle. Patients still need to be sensible with food and exercise to maintain their results.

Our doctors’ expertise is performing liposculpture under local anaesthetic, with gentle sedation, using tumescent method. Typically the patient will not feel any pain although some discomfort may be possible. The tumescent method and the light sedation allows the patient to stand up after the procedure so the treated areas can be reassessed in a natural position. Any discrepancies can be detected and corrections can be made to reach the patients desired result before the patient leaves the theatre.

Patients are generally able to walk out of the theatre unassisted after liposculpture using this technique, and can usually return to work in around three days.

If you would like to find out more about liposculpture, come along to our info night on Liposculpture vs. liposuction. Have a conversation with Dr Lim and past Liposculpture patients. Free entry. Rejuven8 4732 4009

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