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Sweaty Business

Sweaty Business

Sweating is a natural defence of the body to help maintain health of the skin and regulate body temperature. However, there are some people who may find that their body over produces the amount of sweat the body actually needs. This is called Hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis can cause much physical and emotional discomfort for the individual leading to severe embarrassment and numerous restrictions and considerations for their day-to-day routine. Damp clothes, constant fear of smelling, feeling self-conscious when shaking hands and other unpleasant side effects.

Sufferers spend hundreds of dollars each year on topical anti-persperants, visits to doctors, prescriptions and anything that may offer them some form of relief, unfortunately many oral medications produce systemic effects such as dry mouth and bad breath.

Sweaty armpits is not so unusual, but if sweat forms puddles constantly, followed by streams of sweat, than we have the answer for you. Botox can be used to treat many of these excessively sweaty areas such as underarms, palms and feet, offering substantial relief for more sufferers.

You may be wondering how do this work? Well when we inject the Botox into the sweat glands, we are preventing acetylcholine from being transported to the nerve ending to the sweat glands. The intention of this is to not make the area entirely dry, but to bring the production of sweat to a natural level.

After the treatment most clients experience a general reduction in sweat production of 75% and a reduction in the total area of active sweat glands of up to 55%, allowing for some normality in their day-to-day activities. The duration of this treatment may vary, depending on the client’s severity of the sweating, but most clients can expect for up to 9 months, and sometimes even longer. The best time for this treatment is often in spring, allowing yourself to make it through the hardest time of summer.

A satisfactory treatment outcome in the management of Hyperhidrosis empowers the sufferer and enables them to live their life more fully, and without the restrictions they accepted but dreaded. Having seen this happen it is a very humbling experience.

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