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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

At Rejuven8 Cosmetic clinic we use the Glo-white Smile teeth whitening system to obtain those perfect pearly whites you have been dreaming of. Whether it is for a special occasion or just to have a glowing smile our teeth whitening systems has been getting beautiful results.

Frequently Asked Questions about teeth whitening:

1. What is Glo-white smile?
Glo-white smile is an Australian owned young and energetic company with a mission to bring safe, fast affordable, simple, convenient &effective teeth whitening service to everyone.

2. How do I get my teeth whitening done?
Sit down and relax in our comfortable chairs, while we take impression of your teeth, Apply gel and activate the patented blue light for 15 minis, leaving you with a whiter, Cleaner & confident smile.

3. Is this treatment new?
NO. Dentists all over the world use this treatment. However, this treatment is very expensive. we, at GIO-white smile use the latest technology which is safe and effective to provide the same treatment to you at affordable price.

4. How does the treatment work?
We use the patented blue light (compared to others with harmful UV rays) which speeds the treatment & lowers the concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel which whitens the teeth.

5. Is whitening safe?
Teeth whitening is the NO.1 requested cosmetic treatment in dentistry today. all our Products are manufactured in USA and are approved by the FD A. Extensive research has been done on teeth whitening and safe treatment procedures are ensured.

6. Is whitening for everyone?
Everyone will benefit from teeth whitening as it makes your teeth whiter, giving you More confidence every time you smile. However, we do not recommend it for those Under the age of 16 and pregnant women.

7. Will everyone’s teeth whiten?
All teeth will get whiter; however the grade will depend upon the individual teeth (Stains heredity etc) Everyone is different so individual results vary.

8. How long will treatment last?
Treatment will last for almost 1 year depending on your oral habits, lifestyle & dental care, smoking, coffee, bright colored food and drinks such as wine will stain your teeth.

9. How often do you recommend a treatment?
We recommend a treatment every six months -1 year depending upon your oral care and lifestyle. E.g.: If you drink tea, coffee, colored drinks, wine, smoking etc.

10. After treatment care!!
For best results, we recommend that any food be avoided for the first 2 hours and any Dark colored drinks such as tea, coffee, colas, wine, and juices should be avoided for 24-48 hrs, slight sensitivity could be felt in first 24hrs.

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