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The Lower Face

The Lower Face. A real talking point.

Your lower face is a real talking point, literally. It’s your mouth area, lips, chin and jaw line which are used for communication. If you think of an attractive face, one of the first things you’ll probably imagine is the lips to be full, smooth and well-defined, and the chin and jaw line to have smooth contours. However, over time we lose facial volume from the lower face through a decrease in natural sugars and fat under the skin.

The facial soft tissue may start to droop due to the effects of gravity and the loosening of the facial ligaments that ‘hold’ the soft tissue together. This creates an imbalance of volume in the face and a range of lines and wrinkles can appear.

Accumulation of the soft tissue in the lower face may also form jowls and give the impression that the chin is widening. Some effects of change in skin volume are the most apparent around the mouth as it is a very active feature of the face. Some people develop a slight droop in the corners of their mouth (mouth frown), giving their expressions a hint of sadness or disapproval.

Marionette lines or wrinkles extend from the outer corners of the mouth down towards the chin and jaw line, causing you to appear unhappy, even when you’re not. Or you may develop a ‘mental crease’, the horizontal goove between your lips and chin, formed near the top of the chin (mentalis) muscle.

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