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Things are looking up for the upper face

Things are looking up for the upper face… .

What are your best facial features? Chances are in that list is your eyes. Although they command our attention, the surrounding upper face allows them to ‘shine’. The eyes, forehead, eyebrows and under-eye area work in harmony to give an open, friendly, approachable look. However, over time natural facial changes associated with ageing can give the impression that we are tired, sad or even angry – even when we’re not!

So what happens? Over time, the repeated contraction of muscles in the upper face when we make facial expressions can cause the formation of facial lines and wrinkles, which can be obvious even at rest. The decrease in soft tissue volume (naturally occurring complex sugars and under-skin fat) which happens naturally over time, also contributes to the development of upper facial lines.

Another cause is damage from sun exposure and smoking. These can also alter skin texture and skin pigmentation (apparent as dark circles under the eyes, freckles or sunspots). To help keep your upper face glowing, start by protecting your skin from sun damage and quit or don’t start smoking.

There is plenty to talk about regarding rejuvenation possibilities for the upper face start with making an appointment with our clinicians at Rejuven8.

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