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Tough Times

When times are tough lipstick
sales go through the roof

It appears that the same theory can be applied to cosmetic work.

People want to look good feel good in hard times and for many reasons.

Many of my clients are professional middle age women who want to continue to work.

In our society, for some reason the elderly become invisible. In the work force that could be threatening and I have had many women who have confided in me, that the reason they want to maintain a fresh more youthful look, is to maintain their job.

Other women have had their self-esteem shattered by divorce, especially if their husband left them for a younger woman. It’s so satisfying watching these steel magnolias blossom again. .

I have had many women thank me for giving them the confidence to resume life and chase their dreams.

Many view cosmetic enhancements as shallow. In the contrary there are very deep reasons that women wish to have their looks “freshened”.

Over the years my role has been a friend to confide in, a counsellor and a medical artist to my clients.

I restore their beauty, their self-esteem and often their life .

This is why I love what I do..

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