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Trust in our team at Skinovate to effectively treat your skin and body, to enhance your natural appearance with younger, clearer, healthier and smoother skin.


Since 1996 the expertise and professionalism of Skinovate’s medical, nursing and therapeutic team is unmatched in Melbourne.

It’s a big decision choosing where to go because your skin and looks are at stake, that’s why experience and longevity count. Skinovate has been thriving since 1996 and that tells you we get results and can be trusted.

Wrinkle – Dermal Filler

Enhance your natural appearance with the very latest wrinkle treatments. Safe, reliable and easy. Relaxing frowns, plumping lips or softening your look using fillers and relaxants can make a big difference with a small cost.

Wrinkles – Muscle Relaxant

Expertly placed dermal fillers and muscle relaxants can take years off in days, reducing wrinkles and deep folds.You can have treatments and still look natural with our soft gradual approach. Nobody else needs to know.

Tattoo Removal

We provide Tattoo Removal using a RevLite Q-switch laser which is the gold standard treatment for Tattoo Removal. The premium engineered RevLite laser uses state-of-the-art Nanosecond and PhotoAcoustic Technology.

Leg Vein Sclerotherapy

Easy walk in  walk out sclerotherapy to reduce unwanted leg veins and broken capillaries. Tiny pain-free injections with new pharmaceutical for best results and no downtime.

Lip Enhancement

Long-lasting luscious lips and a perfect pout using the latest in dermal fillers and artistic techniques. New pain-free techniques and longer lasting results.

Scar Reduction Treatments

Dermal fillers for acne and sunken scars and Fraxel to blend in scars to surrounding skin. All types of scars can be treated. Instant results for most acne scars.

Pigmentation and Freckle Removal

Custom-made high-tech powerful laboratory formulations, IPL, Fraxel Laser and Skin Peels to suit all pigment situations.

IPL Photo Therapy

For pigment spots, age spots,broken capillaries, blemishes and open pores. Skinovate has unmatched experience and years of know-how to reduce blemishes new and old.

Armpit Sweating

Safe, quick and reliable, reducing your sweating by up to 90% in a few days!


Revitalise, refresh and renew with smooth clear skin and our extensive experience. Instantly better skin, the ultimate quick-fix.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is chosen by women and men to reduce problematic, awkward or unwanted hair fast. This is the most popular laser treatment in the world and we are the among the most experienced in the world.


Replace and renew your skin and improve pigmentation, scars and wrinkles with only a few days downtime. Our protocols are unique and experienced unmatched.


New! Coolsculpting technology removes 28%-30% of fat cells in around 1 hour of treatment through groundbreaking, non-surgical, cooling technology.

Skin Peels

Fresh clear skin with reduced Acne and Pigmentation. Skinovate’s own formula peels not available elsewhere, designed by Dr Paul Spano.

Clear Skin Treatments

Solve Pigmentation and Acne fast with our unique, all encompassing protocols for clear skin. We will get your skin looking its best for the long term.

Smooth Skin Treatments

Refine, rejuvenate and smooth your skin in complete comfort. Since 1996 we have been giving Melbournians smoother, softer and younger skin.

Skin Renewal Treatments

Fraxel & IPL combinations for difficult pigment problems and scarring. Revitalise, Refresh and Renew.

Hair Transplants

With over 400 Hair transplants performed Dr Paul Spano is now at the forefront of this technique worldwide. Men and women have Hair Transplants in Melbourne everyday.

Plasma (PRP)

Plasma PRP is a quick safe and totally organic way to revitalise refresh and renew tired looking skin. The product is 100% Organic and chemical free as it is from your own blood.


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