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We will get your skin clear in the shortest possible time.

Since 1996, Dr Spano has been renowned for clearing up acne or blemished skin FAST and providing prevention plans so you can stay clear longer.  Getting back your self-esteem is the aim here as we all know that pimples and acne can be distressing.

Dr Spano uses the best of the old and the best of the new and provides an extensive range of specialised skin treatments in Melbourne to effectively treat all acne conditions including Infected Acne, Blocked Pores, Blackheads, Whiteheads and Acne Scarring.

Whether you’re a teenager with annoying pimples or in your 20’s or 30’s with difficult hormone or stress-related acne, Dr Spano and the team will get results fast and for the long-term. Acne treatment Melbourne ?  easy.

Pigmentation and Freckle Removal

“People often have a blotchy pigmentation that makes their skin look dirty and it frustrates them no end” says Dr Spano. Skinovate  provides specialised rapid treatments to remove freckles, age spots, reduce pigmented scarring, lighten skin pigmentation or simply to improve your overall skin texture and tone.

Difficult Melasma and Chloasma are also now successfully treated with our extensive experience with combined medical formulas and high-tech laser systems with Dr Spano’s unique treatment approaches that he has developed since 1995.

Using his own custom-made high or sensitive strength prescription formula creams, skin-fading peels and various types of lasers including Fraxel, Dr Spano and his experienced staff will design a program to fade away superficial pigment spots, deeper widespread facial pigmentation, pigmented scars and hormonal pigmentation.

“Often people are frustrated by the lack of results provided by over the counter creams or cheap low powered treatments at beauty salons. Pigmentation, especially in Australia with our harsh sun, requires years of experience to treat and with products and services of significant strength” says Dr Spano.

Most treatments are conducted by our fully-qualified cosmetic therapists but have been designed by Dr Spano. Dr Spano is also available to treat more serious conditions if needed.

Skinovate’s expertise and know-how is unrivalled. We use a unique range of leading technologies and apply industry best practices for you to feel safe in trusting Skinovate to care for your skin.

Learn more about Pigmentation and Freckle Removal


Skin Peels

Skin Peels are effective in the treatment of  Oily-Acne Skin, Freckle removal, Open Pore reduction, Acne reduction, skin Pigmentation lightening or to generally improve your skin texture, functionality look and feel.

Skinovate Skin Peels can be performed on any part of the body, but most commonly on the face, upper chest and back of hands.

Skinovate offers the complete range of products and depth of peels to leave you with skin that is healthier, fresher, tighter and more evenly toned. We offer clear skin treatment in Melbourne in two locations, Prahan and Moonee Ponds.

Skinovate provides Skin Peels at two levels:

1. Surface Skin Washes

The solution used for Surface Skin Peels is a mixture of acids, including alpha and beta hydroxy acids, commonly used for chemical peeling – particularly to bring lustre back to dull skin,lighten pigmentation, reduce acne and refine pores.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a group of naturally occurring substances, often referred to as fruit acids because they are found naturally in various fruits. The acid with the smallest molecular size is Glycolic Acid, which occurs naturally in sugar cane and is often used on its own for light chemical peeling. Beta hydroxy acids are oil soluble and penetrate deeper into the pores for excellent cleansing especially for oily and acne prone skin and pigmentation.

Skinovate has developed its own “Skinovate Peel” formula used only by us for clearer smoother skin. This formula is not available anywhere else and is an excellent even skintone treatment.

2. Medium Depth Skin Peels

Medium Depth Peeling is exactly what it says it is – real peeling of the skin using a strong chemical (TCA). This chemical peel literally removes the outer layers of the skin.

Peeling will reduce dull skin, fine wrinkling, scaly patches, rough skin (keratoses), most brown marks, freckles and pigmentation (such as age and liver spots).

It the safest and most effective on the face chest arms and hands.

TCA along with custom made peels are some of the materials used at Skinovate by our experienced staff.

Learn more about Skin Peels


PDT – Photodynamic Therapy

Some people need this therapy but most don’t as our other systems and plans work so well but occasionally Dr Spano will recommend this course of action.

PDT can treat everything from acne to pre-cancerous lesions, with the natural power of light.

PDT is one of the most exciting innovations in skin cosmetics – and it will help us deliver you superb results for acne treatment,  sun damage and even pre-cancerous skin lesions (keratosis) and superficial basal cell carcinoma.

Your Skinovate Therapist will apply a light-sensitive cream to your skin which is then absorbed by the inflamed, infected or sun damaged cells. The treatment area is then cleverly exposed to intense light, which causes a chemical reaction that pro-actively targets your problem cells.


Acne Therapy

Rapid Acne Result


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