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Skinovate specialises in Plasma PRP treatments at our Melbourne clinic locations.

Plasma PRP is a quick safe and totally organic way to refresh, revitalise and renew tired looking skin for a total facial rejuvenation. The plasma skin treatment product is 100% chemical free as it is from your own blood.


After removing some blood, your own plasma is micro injected into the needed area to stimulate new collagen production and to re-energise your cells into rejuvenation. Your plasma contains platelets, which contain growth factors that are activated upon re-injection, bringing new life to your skin.

Plasma PRP

Plasma PRP

What is it?

Your body responds to an injury with a cascade of steps. The first and most important is to attract platelets to the area. As you know, platelets are responsible for clotting of the blood (i.e. your body’s way to stop a bleeding wound), but this is only a small part of what a platelet does.

Inside the platelets are tiny granules containing growth factors. We now know that these growth factors are what trigger your body’s cells to make new collagen, elastin, blood vessels, nerves and tissue. By harvesting the platelets from your ‘blood test’, we know that the platelets release all of the growth factors when the plasma is injected back into the skin.

So PRP plasma thereby is a way we can stimulate new growth and tissue repair (i.e. sun damage) anywhere we place the plasma, that is areas of the skin that you want to be more youthful.

What can it treat?

PRP can bring moisture and firmness back to the skin resulting in fewer lines and the feel of smoothness and youth.

Common areas that may be treated are:

  • Under The Eyes – PRP can improve crepe-like, darkened and tired under-eye skin.
  • Facial Skin.
  • Neck and Chest Skin.
  • PRP may improve hair growth at the scalp in early balding.

How are the Plasma PRP treatments performed?

The plasma skin treatment involves the collection of a small amount of blood (approximately 8ml), just like a blood test. Your blood is then spun down using a centrifuge to separate out the plasma portion. The plasma portion (straw –coloured) is then injected back into your skin using a very fine needle. The skin is prepared with a numbing cream and it is virtually pain free.

After Effects

Swelling to the area is quite normal, because the plasma is placed close to the skin surface. However because it is all your own fluid, your body reabsorbs it over night.

Bruising to the area (particularly around the eyes) is common, and will subside as a normal bruise does. We will give you a bruise dissolving cream to speed this up and makeup can be used to cover.

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