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Under Eyes

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Dark circles and loss of volume under the eyes make us look tires and sad. Recession of the bone and loss off fat pad in the orbit (eye area) can lead to circle indentation, which can sometimes extend from the tear duct to the outer eye area. The loss off cheek volume also has an effect on the eye area as it drags the cheek down creating under eye lines. Dermal fillers are able to be used to restore volume under the eye known as the tear trough. In some cases a mild – moderate cheek enhancement is needed to obtain optimal results.

Another factor affecting the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is pigmentation. Pigmentation is discolouration of the skin caused by melanin. This can be hereditary or caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure and lack of sleep. The discolouration needs to be treated separately from the volume loss to the eye area. In some cases the discolouration is causing the shadowing under the eye, not volume loss.

Our Doctors and Registered Nurses can advise you of the most effective treatment for your individual needs. If needed our Dermal Therapist can prescribe skin care to assist in freshening and rejuvenating the eye area.

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