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Upcoming Brides

Upcoming Brides

Advice to up and coming brides…when considering any cosmetic procedure please give yourself enough time to heal or at least trial long before the big day.
I have had women who have wanted their lips done the week of their wedding day! How stressful is that for the injector? Bruising cannot be controlled if it does happen. Then there is not enough time to heal.

Natural Lip enhancement can make your wedding pictures even more attractive. That’s if your lips need more volume or balancing. I recommend that a bride should do that at least 3 months prior to the day. This gives you the opportunity to tweak you lips if needed to make them perfect. The hyaloronic filler takes a few weeks to blend into your tissue to achieve a natural feel.

Botox can be used to erase frown lines, probably brought on by the stress of organising a wedding! Young brides may want to raise their eyebrows by flaring the sides with a few units of botox.

The most important cosmetic procedure that all brides should do is skin revision with Ultraceuticals. Your makeup will glide on and your skin will have that glowing radiating texture.

Brides often have acne flare-ups due to stress. The Ultraceuticals facial can clear the break outs quickly. Ultraceuticals facials should be done 2 weekly over 12 weeks for a regenerative result. However if time has alluded you, you can have a hydrating skin polishing Ultraceuticals a week prior. The groom can also do with a cleansing Ultraceuticals to clear out blackheads and smooth out their face. After all, everyone is up close to kiss him congratulations too!!! Rejuven8 offers a Ultraceuticals package of pay for 5 and receive 6th treatment free. That’s a saving of $160.

We have had brides who have had a problem fitting into the dress of their dreams because they have a larger bottom size to their top. Coolsculpting is perfect to balance out the figure (flaws that are unable to be corrected by exercise and diet.)This should be done at least 6 months prior as it takes 3 months to get your final results.

With all there is to prepare, and the cost involved with planning a wedding, what does remain long after the day are your photos.

Cosmetic procedures can enhance those very special pictures.

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