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Weight Gained Over The Party Season

Weight Gained Over The Party Season

Christmas is a time of food and festivities, New Year resolutions are often a wish to lose the weight gained over the party season.

Is Coolsculpting the answer ?

Coolsculpting is not a way of losing weight. However, it may be a viable option for men and women who want to reduce bulges of fat that have resisted dieting and exercise. The ideal Coolsculpting candidate is at or near their ideal weight, with good skin elasticity, and is seeking reduction of diet-resistant localised pockets of fat. Common sites include the hips, outer and inner thighs, abdomen, lower back, knees and neck.

Overweight individuals can benefit if they are in the process of exercising and losing weight. However, Coolsculpting is not a cure for obesity. Candidates must have realistic expectations of what Coolsculpting can and cannot do.

If a person has loose skin, liposuction can actually make it worse. If this is the case, a body lift procedure may be required to remove excess skin and help the skin conform to the body’s new contours.

It should also be noted that Coolsculpting does not improve cellulite or stretch marks (caused by pregnancy or rapid weight gain) as these appearance concerns are not related to fat accumulation beneath the skin.

Both men and women can achieve an improved and more contoured body shape through Coolsculpting. The most commonly treated areas in men are the abdomen and the flanks, or “love handles”. Some men have excess fatty tissue in and around the breast, or gynaecomastia, which can also be removed.

A specific area treated by Coolsculpting is less likely to increase to its former size because it has fewer fat cells.

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