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What can be done about Tech Neck?

What can be done about Tech Neck?

Texting and working on the computer requires the tilting of the head down respectively. This leads to deepening of horizontal neck lines. Commonly known as “tech neck”. It is becoming prolific in younger females and I am now having increasing number of younger clients worrying about their neck.

At Rejuven8 we are a clinic that doesn’t simply do ant wrinkle injections end masse. We are able to address complex issues and areas.

Rejuven8 treats sagging neck skin and deep lines with injections of PRP. Platelet Rich Plasma. This plasma is extracted from the clients own blood.

It restores the collagen and elasticity of the skin by tricking the neck skin to “heal” itself. We also have a unique treatment that can be added to the PRP to hydrate the skin internally.

There are dermal fillers such as Rich, Vital and Velella that can also plump out deep neck lines.

Depending on what’s happening along the jawline it may need to be lifted by injecting and relaxing the platysma neck muscle.

Often a combination of therapies may be needed to rejuvenate the neck.

We have to address the dynamic lines, the crepey loose skin or fat pockets by various treatments such as Muscle relaxant injections, PRP, dermal fillers, IPL.

Injections along the neck can cause embarrassing bruises for about a week.
Winter is an excellent time to do neck treatments because scarves can be worn to hide them.

If you have neck concerns book in at Rejuven8 0247324009 for a free consultation and a personalised treatment plan will be planned to suit your neck’s needs.

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