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What is a liquid facelift

What is a liquid facelift?

A ‘liquid Facelift’ is lifting the face with fillers.

More and more woman are opting out of invasive face lift surgery, due to the fact that they do not have down time because of work and other commitments.

There has been a trend to avoid surgery because of the past poor results of windswept faces, such as the likes of Joan Rivers and even Judge Judy!

‘Liquid facelifts’ also known as ‘non surgical mid face lift’ have been becoming more popular. It is a procedure which naturally lifts the cheeks by adding volume via a needle, with either hyaloronic acid fillers or calcium hydroxy patite.

When examining an ageing face, you will find that the fat on the face sags leaving dark hollows under the eyes. This sagging also causes deep Naso-labial folds, deep marionette lines caused by downturned thinning mouth.

The dark hollows under the eyes can be filled with hyaloronic filler. The of the lips volume can be restored and sides of the mouth turned up, with simple injections. Cheeks can be volumised with simple injection of hyaloronic acid that restores youthful look instantly. Filler injections are quick, minimal discomfort and results are instant. Bruising is a possibility, but rare. The products feel natural in your skin and also cause more collagen to be formed due to the stimulation.

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