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What is PRP

What is PRP

Also known as Regen.

It’s the latest cosmetic procedure!.

It stands for .” “Platelet Rich Plasma.” .

As seen on A Current Affair last week! .

It is a procedure that regenerates skin texture and elasticity by injecting your own plasma which is rich in platelets into the skin.

Platelets are a part of the blood that synthesises growth factor throughout its life span and actively secretes them in response to clotting. This makes logical sense. If you cut yourself, platelets are attracted to the wound, and release growth factors to help it heal. .

In order to extract the platelet rich plasma, we take about 20mL of your own blood and use a centrifuge to spin it down. The red blood cells, which are much larger and heavier than the platelets, end up at the bottom of the vial, and the platelet rich plasma at the top. The platelet rich plasma is then extracted. .

The platelets release growth factors in response to clotting. We achieve this in vitro by adding calcium chloride to the platelet rich plasma that we have extracted. This sets off the clotting cascade and induces platelets to release growth factors that help with wound healing. The activated platelet rich plasma is then injected or placed in the treatment area. This activates stem cells to grow. Hence regenerating the skin. .

For optimal results 3 sessions, 6weeks apart is recommended. Final results are seen 3 months after the last session. As it takes up to 3 months for the collagen and elastin to grow. Yearly top up treatment is recommended. .

Simply put, the plasma injection is like a fertiliser to help grow elastin and collagen in your skin. .

As one of the certified trainers teaching doctors and nurses this technique for Australasia Medical Scientific ( the company that provides the equipment for this procedure), I have had the chance to witness amazing results in advance. .

It’s ideal for crepey wrinkly skin around the eyes, neck and décolletage, which up to now have had very limited treatment options. One of my clients no longer needs upper lid surgery as the baggy skin has tightened only after 2 sessions. .

For the best regenerative results I recommend combined therapies. Incorporating PRP with peels, fillers, and Botox it can truely take off 10 years in 2010! .

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