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What to do if it does go wrong

What to do if it does go wrong

Cosmetic injectable consumers really need to be aware of warning signs when there is an impending problem after a dermal filler treatment.

After a filler cosmetic treatment it is normal to have slight swelling in the area. However if there is intense pain, excessive swelling, discolouration there could be a possible occlusion of a vein or artery. Immediate treatment to dissolve the filler is required or the blocked vessel could cause the tissue that it “feeds” to die. This necrosis presents as a discoloured area with black scabbing and eventual tissue damage. It is important to go back to where the treatment was done immediately and the covering cosmetic physician will have to dissolve the occlusion with an injection of an enzyme called Hyalase. General practitioners do not have the expertise to handle this complication. They normally would not have the enzyme in stock.

Prp is also a treatment using your own platelet rich plasma to help heal the damage. This treatment is only available at a few cosmetic clinics.
It is important to consider the experience and reputation of the injector when choosing a clinic.

Bruises are common after Injectables. To minimise bruising it is recommended to put direct pressure on the “punctured” vessel to stop it from becoming larger.

Arnica taken prophylactically can help reduce the severity of bruising.

Eating lots of fresh pineapple and paw reduces bruising quickly as the enzyme in the fruit acts as an anti inflammatory.

Anti wrinkle injections that are neurotoxins can also have undesirable side effects. Too much toxin can drop the frontalis (forehead) muscle and cause the eyebrows to drop. This could be disastrous for heavy lidded eyes.

An experienced injector may be able to counteract the drop but it’s mostly time that will solve that problem, as it has to wear off.

A sad turned down mouth treated with toxin to release the muscle (abbreviated as “DAO”)can also go wrong if the toxin is accidentally injected into an adjacent muscle. This can lead to a crooked smile. Again an experienced injector can counteract that effect by counter balancing.

Cosmetic procedures can be risky in the hands of an inexperienced injector. Choose wisely.

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