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Why is Winter Time The Best Time To Do Procedures

Why is Winter Time The Best Time To Do Procedures ??

The harsh summer sun can be very detrimental to the skin, and can compromise your skin if you have a deep chemical peel. The top protective layer is removed leaving the underlying skin tissue more susceptible to further damage and hyper pigmentation. Winter is an ideal time to do deep medical peels, as we tend to be indoors more and the sun isn’t as strong. Peels are ideal to remove some flaws in the skin and regenerate a fresher complexion.

Liposculpture can be done at any time, however having to wear a compression garment for 3 weeks can be very hot and uncomfortable during the summer months. So its best to have the procedure done in the cooler months. .

Sclerotherapy, (treatment of varicose and spider veins) also needs compression stockings to be worn for at least one week after each treatment, these too can be hot to wear during the summer months. .

Planning and doing procedures during the winter months makes more sense, it also gives you time to be able to prepare for those special events in spring and the holiday party season in summer. .

Now is the time to plan and prepare, for those upcoming events !!

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