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Jawlines. Talking about my generation

Will I look like a duck if I have my lips done?

Id like a penny for everytime a client has said that to me! I too hate that duck look!!! That is why it is important to choose an injector that is artistic and has flexible techniques. Too often, I have seen lips with only the border that has been heavily filled to address the lines. This pouts out the lips as the volume is not restored, just the border. Hence the profile looks like a duck!

Everyone has different lips. So I never inject everyone the same way. I individualise my techniques according to age and the desired look. Some women purposely request overly enlarged lips to achieve a sultry sexy look. Ageing women just want the volume restored to stop the mean thin lip look. !

In my mind, there are basic rules to follow, such as the bottom lip should be larger than the top, maintain the natural shape, enhance the border and cupids bow but do not overfill the borders. I also like to turn up the sides of the lips. Often more filler is required to fill marionette lines (on the sides of the mouth).Lines on the top lip can also be addressed, but often with a different filler. I also view the lips profile to ensure volume balance and fill accordingly, to correct any imbalances. An experienced injector can also advise you to which filler to have. All fillers are different. Some are softer and more natural, others have larger HA molecules which can be more volumising. There is one filler that definitely swells more and should be avoided if you do not want anyone to know initially!

There are possible side effects of over swelling , bruising and sometimes lumpiness. It takes 2 weeks for the final result but if you don’t like it, Hyaloronic fillers can be removed by an injected enzyme.

Do not be afraid to have your lips done.

Restoring your lips volume can make you look years younger!

Nita McHugh RN

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist.

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